Do you love candles?

Our Candle Making Workshop was borne of our own love of candles, so we know that hand making candles is a rewarding and fun experience.

Our in house experts will teach you how to make your very own, ‘take home’ candles, using simple step-by-step instructions for making your candles during your stay!

Everything that you need to get started will be provided. We share tips on how to choose the right wick and candle dye for your candle, that will help you get better results.

Understanding fragrance is one of the most important elements of the candle. We therefore have a selection of the most commonly chosen fragrances for you to use.

During our Candle Making Workshop, you will learn how to add your fragrance of choice to your candles. Then when you take your candle home with you, your home will smell great and you’ll be reminded of us too.

What you will learn to make!

Our Candle Making Workshop will help you make your candles using 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax has a number of benefits compared with the cheaper parrafin wax (a by-product from crude oil) used in many candles. The advantages included its sustainability credentials, a slower and less soot producing burn, excellent fragrance carrier properties and most importantly it releases no known carcinogens during the burning process.

We will be using only natural pure essential oils, so no fragrance oils or synthetic scents are used.

All of our jars, tins and wax are responsibly sourced and we only use preloved glass containers, which you can  refill at home once your candle has burnt out.

Do you have a favourite container that you would like to refill, or left over candle wax to use?

If you have a favourite candle container, then why not bring it with you and fill that instead? Depending on the size of the container, there may be a small additional charge.

Or maybe you have  ‘bits’ of old candle that you are loath to throw away! Bring these with you and we can melt and filter them with you, to add to your new candle.

We will also explain how you can continue to make your own candles at home with minimal equipment other that what you already have around your home.

The Candle Making Workshops run with a minimum of 5 attendees and are £35.00 per person.

The sessions are approximately 1 hour each (maybe a little longer if the classes are large).  We will allow enough time for your candle to be fully set before you begin your journey home.

Please bring clothes that you don’t mind getting wax on.

To book,  please email us .