Date(s) - Friday, 10 March 2023 - Sunday, 12 March 2023
All Day

Lower Marsh Farm

A 3 night Family Pilates Retreat for young families focusing on Post-Natal Pilates for birth mothers, Pilates for partners, activities and child-care for youngsters.

Think Pilates, hot tubs, childcare, wine tasting!

This is a retreat for parents with young children to find some ‘me time’. Fully catered with lots for all the family to enjoy.

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Life with a newborn baby or babies is a whirlwind and hard work. Postnatal bodies offer up new aches and pains thanks to pregnancy and labour while the physical strains of caring for a baby compound the issues overlaid on tiredness at levels never previously experienced! All in all the perfect storm for being in need of a family friendly retreat where you can enjoy comfort and pampering for both you and your partner. Think postnatal fitness experts guiding you through daily classes to rediscover core and pelvic floor muscles, separate fitness sessions for partners, baby and child friendly spaces with child-care on tap and fully and generously catered meals (for you and the little ones) so you can actually take a break.

At Lower Marsh Farm we have been successfully running a variety of retreats here for many years. All our guests truly value some time to themselves and being able to grab the opportunity of doing a little bit of what makes them tick! Many of our team are mums, some with young children and some with grandchildren and even great grandchildren. We all remember the early days where the hard work and loneliness seem to outweigh fun and enjoyment. All of us found solace and the road to our bodies recovering in exercise – some via Pilates or Yoga, others with swimming and running. Our aim is to to help new families by having a proper holiday and getting the time to spend on yourselves.

This Family Pilates Retreat will allow you to escape for a few days of comfort, tasty healthy food, exercise, pampering and most importantly time to take a break and let others take the load. Think a hygge world with comfy sofas, sat in front of a cosy log burner, woollen blankets across your knee and perhaps a good book to amuse you.

Imagine yourself having delicious, freshly made meals and snacks prepared for you (and your children), so that you can just eat and enjoy – guilt free!