January is a fabulous month to venture into the great outdoors. The notorious month of the New Year’s resolution and we all know that resolutions seldom last past February.  So, this year why not make your resolution a more realistic one and book yourself some time away to recharge your batteries.

2019 is here and we need to get outside and feel the many benefits that nature has to offer.

Cosy nights in are great but there comes it’s a time when we all start to get a little desperate to get outside! Let’s face it, being cooped up can be stressful and we need to be mindful of ways to stay calm and happy.

Top Tips

Spending time in nature, or even just in the open air, can have a whole range of benefits both mental and physical and here are 5 reasons to try and spend more time outside.

1)            For most of us, our Vitamin D level will likely be lacking, particularly after a long dark winter! Getting outside in daylight is a great way to boost these levels. It  has been found to have an impact on our mood too.   More time outside = more Vitamin D = a happier you!

2)            Being outside is a great reason to leave your phone at home, or at least tucked away in your pocket. Just an hour of walking, without looking at your screen, can take away the feeling of constantly juggling and give your mind time to relax. And breathe. We all know that feeling where we’re trying our hardest to crack the same problem for over an hour with no luck…

3)            Stepping outside and spending time in nature has been found to improve your ability to focus. If you’re working, why not take a break outside? Or if you’ve had a busy week, head to open spaces so that you’re ready to hit Monday with a clear head.

4)            Winter can often bring out feelings of the blues, particularly for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Spending time in daylight has been found to be the best treatment for this. As the days are getting longer the opportunities to get outside are ever increasing!

5)            Last but not least, the act of getting outside is likely to involve some kind of physical activity. Whether you walk, run or bike ride you’ll be burning extra calories and should to feel fitter and healthier.

Now if that’s still not enough to get you going I don’t what is…..?