When it became clear (after a fine spring storm in April ’21) that canvas yurts we not going to cut the mustard (water ingress in a tent seems like a fairly basic problem but even if that could have been solved the winds moved them sufficiently to cause problems!), we started looking at alternative materials. There are plenty of more solid and waterproof structures, mainly wood based, available on the market but the costs of these were prohibitive and the build composition was not to our ethos. So with our fabulous Bob (the Builder who has helped with every building project here including converting Bulrush Barn, restoring the cottage and Kingfisher Barn and so much more!), we commence constructing these ourselves. This allowed us to use environmentally sound insulation materials (cork and sheeps wool), re-purposing of materials such as in Chenoweth Yurt using windows left over from the conversion of Bulrush Barn and in Haye Yurt a fabulous arched door from the farm house. Our favourite feature is the roof centre which are cut offs from old telegraph poles (which we use around the farm to make gate posts)

Inside the fixtures and furnishings have been ‘home made’ where possible and preloved items sourced. Those items that were purchased new were sourced to be ‘low impact’ such as the matting which is made from recycled Polypropylene. The photographs below show some of the features where we have been able to reduce the carbon footprint from the yurts.

Inside Chenoweth showing the re-purposed window, curtains made from pre-loved material, curtain pole and hanging rail home-made from copper pipes. Even the blanket chest and mirror are upcycled items.

Chenoweth Internal 2

Haye Yurt showing the fabulous arched door re-used from the farm house. Granite carved stones in forefront have been re-purposed into everlasting outside seating around the fire pit.

Haye Yurt External 1

Heated by a log burner (we provide logs and kindling from the farm, sustainable fire lighters and newspaper). Also seen is the matting made from recycled materials.

Haye Internal 08

Chenoweth Yurt has a re-purposed shelf (from an old dresser mirror) and log basket – all styled to enhance the interior. Also making the best of the stunning rural views, the door, sold off as a second due to a paint issue, now restored it looks great!

Chenoweth Internal 6

Inside a yurt showing the architectural roof joined in the centre by a cut off from an old telegraph pole with old gate hanging metal work.

Noss Mayo bespoke design

Stylish lighting custom made by a local craftsperson with rustic USB charger made from wood grown at the farm.

Lighting 1

Inside Haye furnished with a pre-loved gorgeous trunk and home made shoe rack using wood offcuts and copper pipe.

Haye Internal 06

Completely off-grid the lighting in the yurts are powered by a solar panel.

Chenoweth External 8