Please advise us of any allergies or intolerances when placing an order. We cannot cater for people with severe trace ingredient allergies; for example someone who suffers a severe allergic reaction to trace amounts of nuts.

Breakfast Hamper

Tea and coffee (freshly ground Cornish roasted beans),
Milk (from local dairy or home-made oat milk if preferred),
Apple juice (from the farm),
Selection of cereals,
Bread (delicious locally made sour dough), Cornish butter and jam, OR ready-to-cook croissants and pain au chocolate*
Selection of cereals, OR Eggs (freshly laid from farm free roaming chickens & ducks) OR fruit and yoghurt pots (dairy or non-dairy).

* – if you are staying in a yurt, these will be cooked for you

Afternoon Tea

Selection of finger sandwiches
Ham & mustard
Brie & home-made redcurrant jelly
Egg mayonnaise (made from our own farm eggs)
Smoked salmon & cucumber with cream cheese
Scone with strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream
To be eaten the Cornish way by first spreading the scone with jam then topping with clotted cream
For pudding
A slice of Victoria Sponge Cake,
or a Chocolate Brownie
To drink one of….
– English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea
– Peppermint or Camomile tea
– Freshly Ground Coffee

Picnic Hamper

Normally includes a selection of items; for example sandwiches, quiche, salad, snack food, fruit and sweet treats. With farm made apple juice or elderflower cordial to drink. Or you can select your own menu!

All provided in a wicker picnic hamper and rug (just return these to us after your picnic!)


Beef lasagne with garlic bread and seasonal vegetables
Roast pumpkin & spinach lasagne topped with goat’s cheese with garlic bread and a seasonal side salad
Shepard’s Pie (lamb) with seasonal side salad
Moroccan lamb tagine with seasonal side salad
Fish pie (no shellfish) with seasonal vegetables
Ham & Apple pie served with potato salad and seasonal vegetables
Lamb chop hotpot served with seasonal vegetables
Black pudding, potato, sweet potato & egg hash with seasonal vegetables
Macaroni cheese (vegetarian) with garlic bread and seasonal vegetables
Sweet potato, peas & feta hash (vegetarian) with spinach, pumpkin seeds and chilli with seasonal side salad
Broccoli mushroom strata (vegetarian) with 4 cheeses mix and seasonal side salad
Red lentil lemon Dhaal (vegan) served with lemon rice
Butternut Chilli with black beans and tomatoes (vegetarian) served with lemon rice and soured cream
Paneer masala curry (vegetarian) served with Spicy vegetable rice
Sweet potato & coconut curry with peanut butter (vegan) served with coconut jasmine rice
Asian mushroom wellington (vegan) served with Asian roasted brussels sprouts with cashews


Apple Pie served with cream (using apples grown on the farm)
Chocolate fudge brownie with cream
Cherry, almond & lemon mascarpone tart with cherry compote
Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake (vegan option available)
Raw chocolate torte with avocado (vegan option available)


Roasted tomato and parmesan
Butternut squash and chilli soup (vegan)
Potato and leek soup (vegan)
Roasted parsnip with maple syrup (vegan)
Roasted red pepper, tomato & basil (vegan)
Carrot & coriander (vegan)
Soups are served with croutons or a crumbled cheese

Quiches / Tarts

Caramelised red onion thyme tofu quiche with walnut pastry (vegan)
Spinach quiche with walnut pastry
Cheese & spinach quiche with sweet potato & cheese crust
Roasted sweet potato and onion tart with goat’s cheese
Leek, walnut and lemon tart with goat’s cheese


Salad of beets, orange and pinenuts (vegan)
Baby green leaves salad with sugar snap peas, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing (vegan)
Vegetable platter including cucumber, baby tomato, celery and sweet peppers (vegan)
Spinach salad with apricots and a French dressing (vegan)
Greek salad with feta

Meals will be left left in the property for you on arrival (hot meals will have instructions for how to heat).


Choose 2 main items for the grill (per 2 portions):

Pork Steaks marinated in honey & mustard,

Lamb Kofte skewers,

Beef burgers (with Emmental cheese),

Halloumi burgers (vegetarian),

Beetroot, mushroom & Cornish dulse burgers (vegan),

Pork sausages,

Venison sausages,

Plant-based sausages,

Vegetable skewers (vegan).

Choose a side for the grill (per 2 portions):

Corn on the cob,

Chopped onions (for frying),


Sweet peppers.

Choose a salad (per 2 portions):

Coleslaw (dairy or non-dairy / vegan options),

Potato salad (dairy or non-dairy / vegan options),

Seasonal green salad with dressing.

Plus bread rolls, local dairy butter (or plant-based spread), gherkins, ketch-up and locally made chutney.

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