Creating a family well-being retreat is an exciting endeavor. To ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests, when choosing your venue there are several key elements to consider. During the years we have been hosting family retreats, with exceptionally positive guest feedback, we have learnt what is really needed from a venue to make your family well-being retreat a success. Here is a list of key features you need from a great family retreat venue:

Suitable Location

Choose a location that offers a peaceful and scenic environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It could be a countryside setting, a waterside resort, a mountain retreat, or any other serene location that suits your preferences.


Provide comfortable and spacious lodging options for families of different sizes. This may include cabins, cottages, villas, yurts, or a combination of rooms and suites. Ensure that the accommodations are clean, well-maintained, and equipped with essential amenities such as beds, linens, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities.

Communal Spaces

Designated communal spaces where families can gather and spend quality time together. This might include a central lounge area, a dining hall, game rooms, outdoor seating areas, and firepit circles. These spaces should be inviting, comfortable, and conducive to fostering a sense of togetherness.

Recreation Facilities

Offer a variety of recreational activities suitable for all ages. Depending on the location and available space, you could consider amenities like hot tubs, swimming pools, sports courts (basketball, tennis, etc.), walking trails, play areas, fishing spots, or even a mini-golf course.

Plenty of space to reep the benefits of being in nature with extensive and interesting grounds offering different habitats and experiences.

Bookable family-friendly activities which are organised and engaging such as nature walks, stand-up paddleboarding, wild food foraging workshop, bushcraft activities, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts sessions, and movie nights.

A place which has plenty of opportunities for youngsters to explore, develop their sense of adventure, meet animals.

Dining Options

Provide on-site dining options to cater to the culinary needs of families. This should include a restaurant with a diverse menu options to suit all family members tastes, preferences and dietary restrictions. Plus private kitchens for each family where guests can prepare their own meals.

Event Spaces

Include spaces that can accommodate group events and activities. These areas could be used for family reunions, celebrations, workshops, or team-building exercises. Make sure the spaces are flexible, well-equipped, and adaptable to meet various requirements.

Guest Services

Have a strong reputation for offering exceptional customer service to enhance the overall experience. Have a dedicated staff to assist with check-ins, provide information, address concerns, and offer recommendations on local attractions and services. Create a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere that leaves a positive and lasting impression.

Environmental Considerations

Utilising renewable energy sources, working to minimise the impact on the natural surroundings and offering educational opportunities for the families to learn more about how to live a lower impact lifestyle.

Technology and Connectivity

While a retreat venue should encourage unplugging and spending quality time together, it’s still essential to provide reliable Wi-Fi access for those who need to stay connected. Ensure that guests have access to power outlets and charging stations for their electronic devices.

All reputable venues should now place a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices throughout your venue. Use energy-efficient appliances, encourage recycling, promote water conservation, and incorporate eco-conscious design elements.

Remember, customisation is key. Tailor your family retreat venue to suit your target audience and their specific needs and preferences. Creating a welcoming, comfortable, and engaging environment will help families create lasting memories and enjoy their time together.